FRIDAY, SATURDAY, November 23, 24, 2012

GRAND THEFT BEAN -- The Canadian Mounties are searching for thieves who stole six coffee brewers from a Vancouver, B.C, Starbucks outlet.  The coffee makers themselves were old and past their prime but they contained the chain's "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" blend worth pound-for-pound at Starbuck's per-cup prices as much as high quality crack cocaine.

BREATH CONTROL -- A Southwest Airlines en route to Dallas from Kansas City experienced a sudden drop in cabin pressure.  I think Southwest has gone too far in their cost-cutting.  One oxygen mask dropped down in each row of seats with a sign attached that said "Please Pass This Around."

NICKLES & DIMES -- The U.S. Justice Department proudly announced the largest fine ever levied against an oil company -- $2 billion against BP for the Gulf spill last year.  Like that will teach them a lesson.  Most oil executives have more than that under their couch cushions.


HIGH OVERHEAD -- A recent study by the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp. estimates that the entertainment industry earned $47 billion in 2011.   Twenty-seven percent of which went to pay the premiums on Lindsay Lohan's auto insurance.

WISH YOU WERE HERE -- A postcard mailed July 4, 1943 by a man at a Rockford, Illinois Army Camp  to his sisters in Elmira, New York finally arrived last week.  When contacted by reporters, postal authorities blamed the late delivery on "a barely legible address written in pencil and the usual delays caused by early Christmas mailing."

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