TUESDAY, September 20, 2011

The influence of large corporations may extend as far back as biblical times.  Archaeologists digging near the cradle of Christianity have discovered credible evidence that the Three Wise men were actually carrying gifts of stocks, bonds and negotiable securities from Goldman-Sachs, Franklin Templeton and Merck.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors has banned "sexual contact between crowded passengers using public transportation..."  Standing passengers must have one hand on the strap and may use the other to read a newspaper or operate a can of mace.

Ultra-luxury car maker Maserati has recalled 763 late model four-door Quattroporte sedans citing suspension problems.  According to complaints voiced by numerous owners, the car has a tendency to turn into parking lots of restaurants which have fewer than five stars.

LA grocery clerks have struck major southern California supermarkets.  Issues in dispute include management's refusal to pay higher wages, provide more inclusive medical coverage and to change the express line sign from "10 Items or Less" to the more grammatically correct "10 Items or Fewer."

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