WEDNESDAY, September 7, 2011

Nabisco has launched a new cookie called the "Triple Double Oreo" -- three biscuits separated by vanilla and chocolate creme.  Think Billy Crystal... Whoopie Goldberg... Robin Williams... and Eddie Murphy.

Australia's Foster's Beer is about to be taken over by rival brewer SABMiller.  Foster's is an  institution Down Under.  In fact, when Aussie wives withhold sex because their husbands come home drunk, it's called a "Foster's Freeze."

Michael Vick is one lucky professional athlete.  He hit the jackpot with Philadelphia Eagles management, signing a hundred million dollar ten-year deal even though he almost failed the league-mandated physical.  He was recovering from a nasty case of kennel cough.

The divorce court has ruled that Mel Gibson must pay his ex-wife Oksana a $750,000 settlement.  How was that figure arrived at?  Well, the judge reviewed the audio tapes of his rants and decided to charge him $10,000 per racial epithet.

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