WEDNESDAY, September 21, 2011

At the Emmy Awards Sunday night, the Emmy for Best Actress in a Comedy went to Melissa McCarthy of the new sitcom "Mike and Molly."  Actually, she suspected she would get the nod when she sat down down before the show and noticed one of the statuettes on the awards table was 30 pounds overweight.

Accepting her award for Best Actress in "Mildred Pierce," Kate Winslet thanked her co-star Guy Pearce who also won for Best Actor.   She confessed that she hadn't been that excited on a movie set since her rumble seat scene with Leonardo DiCaprio in "Titanic."

Despite the ongoing struggle to control its anti-social elements, scientists have discovered that body odor is genetic.  And archaeologists confirm that the problem has been with us since the dawn of man.  They recently unearthed several Neanderthal skeletons that still had pine cones strapped under their arms.

According to the Department of Justice annual report on crime in the US, the stats show a whopping 12% decrease in drug offenses, assaults and domestic violence.  The F.B.I. credits stricter enforcement of parole violations, the wobbly economy, and getting Charlie Sheen off the streets.
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