WEDNESDAY, September 28, 2011

The Tea Party plans to convene its own debt-reduction "super-committee" meeting prior to the GOP's.  It will be held at a Miami Beach Denny's at the suggestion of Michelle Bachman.  Denny's is so grateful, they named a new breakfast after her -- The "Grand Slam Thank You Ma'am." 

Once the Queen of the Skies, Pan American World Airways is now the background for a TV series called "Pan Am."  The trend toward using defunct American institutions as settings for TV shows may be catching on.  The History Channel is working on two of them to be titled "Lehman Brothers" and "Morgan Stanley."

Long-distance swimmer Diana Nyad's third attempt to swim from Florida to Cuba was dashed after forty hours, thanks to life-threatening jellyfish stings.  Not surprising since "nyad" is the Russian word for a Soviet cocktail made with brandy and white creme de menthe -- what we Americans call a "stinger."    

The Census Bureau reports that 77% of commuters drive to work alone.  Which is probably just as well.  If they doubled up they'd have even more cash to squander on office collections for silly baby shower gifts, parties for retirees who'd rather just leave, and football pools that only the jocks in Shipping & Receiving ever win.

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