HURSDAY, September 29, 2011

Four Manhattan subway stations now offer commuters free wi-fi.  Could cost more than it's worth, though.  Anyone who would get on a New York subway with a $2500 Apple laptop without a couple of $100 an hour, Blackwater-trained bodyguards is asking for it.   

A Montgomery Alabama judge gives convicted defendants a choice of jail, a fine or a promise to attend church services every Sunday.  He views it as an accurate test of what's more popular -- conjugal visits, Alexander Hamilton or Jesus.

CBS News has exposed several Indian tribes operating usurious loan companies online that are exempt from state or federal laws that control interest rates.  Some loan contracts are so strict, they allow repayment only in rifles or firewater.  

A factory in Americus, Georgia is making chopsticks and selling them to the Chinese.  Taking coal o Newcastle, you say?  Well, the Chinese have all of our money that pays for some of the tastiest food in the world.  It's only fitting that we're allowed to help them eat it.

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