MONDAY, September 12, 2011

Fisticuffs legend Oscar de la Hoya is out of rehab and has admitted that he was  caught by the paparazzi last year wearing ladies undergarments.  Actually, his name alone gave him away.  "de la Hoya" is Spanish for "Do these trunks make me look fat?"

The Lifetime Channel has signed supermodel Molly Sims to host a new reality show called "Project Accessory," a spin-off of "Project Runway."  The show will mark the first use of the newly-developed "Bulimi-Cam" which digitally adds 30 pounds to supermodels so viewers can see them.

Michael Moore confides in his new book that his bodyguards are retired Navy Seals.  Actually, Michael employs lots of military personnel.  He just hired the Army's 101st Airborne Division to provide the silk needed to make his cargo shorts.  

Archaeologists digging in Egypt came up with a mummy whose brain had been removed.  They're being careful not to make any rash conclusions, though.  They've been gun shy ever since they found that mummy missing its asp and announced they'd discovered Cleopatra.

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