TUESDAY, March 15, 2011

Sarah Palen appeared confused recently on a talk show when she was asked what she thought the US should do about Libya.  Caught off guard, she had to admit that she thought Libya was a Middle Eastern version of Dubya.

Two Minneapolis roommates learned the hard way that a pair of “strippers” they hired for a private show were actually robbers who proceeded to abscond with their cash and possessions.  They should have suspected something when they first spotted the girls in a firehouse sliding UP the pole.

For the first time in forty years, the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament will be telecast in 3-D.  Though used briefly in the 1970s with some success, the technology was abandoned after scientists determined that the early 3-D cameras caused Andre Agassi to lose all his hair. 

According to the Bloomberg report, Beverly Hills, CA leads the nation in high gasoline prices.   Most likely because luxury transportation manufactured precisely to appeal to the cost-is-no-object-just-so-I-paid-more-than-my neighbor Beverly Hills property owner, will not, under factory specs, burn fuel priced below $5 per gallon.

Naming the new LA sports stadium is proving to be a problem.  One City Council member wants to name it after his boyhood ballpark in Madison, Wisconsin, another thinks it should reflect the taste of London’s Piccadilly Square, and still another from New Jersey thinks it should honor the Garden State.  Perfect.  Why not call it “Madison Square Garden“?
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