FRI, SAT, SUN, March 11, 12, 13, 2011

Moammar Khadaffi has gotten more press coverage this past week than ever before.  You should be aware that those medals he wears are total fakes.  Well, he does have one authentic one -- the wings a United pilot gave him once during a tour of the cockpit.

I-Phone now has an app that alerts men where to locate free condoms.  Women have  an app that reminds them that it’s probably not a good idea to sleep over with a guy who can’t afford a condom.

Accutron has developed a watch that keeps time, predicts the weather, and has device that sounds an alarm at home when an elderly loved one wanders beyond preset parameters.  May not mean much to you, but Lindsay Lohan can kiss that ankle bracelet goodbye.

Sixty billion dollars is the estimated amount Americans will put down on this year’s NCAA “March Madness.”  It’s a little different this time around.  The largest payoff will go to the fan who guesses which NBA draft choice will be arrested first.

Genetic scientists have discovered evidence that suggests early man may have had “penile spines” on his genitalia.  Which explains earlier archaeological discoveries that Neanderthal men once made condoms out of armadillo skins. 
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