WEDNESDAY, April 10, 2013

VERISIMILITUDE -- Fox is developing a nine-part docudrama on the OJ Simpson case.  Striving for as much authenticity as possible, the set designer visited OJ's old condo to get color samples and found Kato Kaelin still asleep on the couch. 

CHANCE MEETING -- Snoop Dogg and Miley Cyrus duet on a new release.  Did they even know each other?  No, but the Snooper recently read an article in Dog Grooming Magazine listing the most popular pup names and number three was "Miley."  Number seven was "Cyrus" and the rest is history.

LISTING -- The Tampa Bay Rays apologized for a photo taken of their manta ray mascot holding "To Do" list with "1. Steve Irwin" crossed off and "2. World Series."  They claim they got the idea from the NY Yankee's "Done and Done" list that names the Hollywood bimbos the team deflowered the previous season. 

CHEERS! -- The George Washington exhibit at the Mount Vernon Museum will soon allow visitors to sample rye whiskey distilled from the recipe used by the first president.  Tastes pretty good except for the creosote he added to termite-proof his dentures.  

CLASS DIVISION -- A new study in USA Today concludes that environment plays a major role in the lives of young urban criminals.  Same for  criminals who develop their craft in gated communities.  They're often conflicted and confused, for instance, when their drug supplier is also the pool man and is sleeping with mom.

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