TUESDAY, April 9, 2013

PRESTO CHANGE-O -- Fans of the popular pick-a-card magic duo Penn and Teller  flocked to Hollywood Boulevard for the presentation of their star on the Walk of Fame.  Got a little strange, though.  Halfway through Penn Gillette's acceptance speech, the name on the star suddenly changed to "David Copperfield."

CLASS RANK -- EdX, a non-profit funded by Harvard and MIT, has developed software that can grade college exams immediately upon their completion.  Think of it.  This could change dating forever.  Instead of "How was it for You?" you'll be able to check your I-Pad for an unbiased assessment.

SHOP WORN -- Fed up with online customers who first scope products in their brick and mortar stores, some retailers in Australia are assessing a $5 door charge just to come in and look around.  Think that's greedy?  Some even follow nightclub protocol with a two-purchase minimum.

RENT CONTROL -- Forty-five year old Troy James Knapp, who for the past nine years lived as a hermit burglarizing cabins in the hills around Salt Lake City, was arrested by Sanpete County Sheriff's deputies.  He was able to keep one step ahead of the cops until he decided to move into the Unabomber's old digs which they were all too familiar with.  

COCK-A-DOODLE-DONE -- KFC's recently announced plans to begin offering boneless chicken my be delayed.  Seems they didn't modify their cages and the ones without bones are now able to suck in their breath, slip between the bars, and begin new lives in the wild.

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