WEDNESDAY, February 6, 2013

GOOD GRIEF -- After accepting $12,000 to pay for breast enhancement surgery, the longtime girlfriend of Peter Robbins, the voice of Charlie Brown on TV, left him for another guy.  That's like Lucy dumping Charlie for Schroeder after Charlie paid for her piano lessons.

SODOM AND GOMORRAH -- Feeling he was the victim of unwarranted hype, Jets owner Woody Johnson told reporters that he was pressured into signing ineffective QB Tim Tebow last season.  Pressure?  Woody won't know the meaning of the word until Tim turns his wife into a pillar of salt.

PADDLE FAD -- PulsePoint now offers an app that alerts users trained in CPR of any cardiac emergency occurring within a quarter mile.   The life-saving software will be available to the public shortly.  Dick Cheney bought the first run of 5000 units off the assembly line. 


DE-SILVER SPOONED -- A recent sociological study reveals that wealthy parents are prone to spoil their children despite insisting that their offspring will be made to earn everything they inherit.  What often results are adults completely ill-equipped to take the helm of their parent's company... financial assets... real estate... the U.S. presidency...

NEW TWIST -- Budget carrier Air Asia has launched a kid-free "quiet zone" in the first seven rows of Economy Class.  Not to be outdone, Delta has replaced several overhead bins with cages into which unruly moppets are  tossed and later made to appear in scenes from "Oliver!" performed for passengers in First Class.


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