TUESDAY, February 19, 2013

BON VOYAGE -- Rumors continue to swirl that James Cameron is working on a sequel to "Titanic" which will bring back Leonardo DeCaprio and Kate Winslet in their original roles as shipboard lovers.  In the sequel titled "Triumph" the pair somehow survive dehydration, dysentery, starvation, and interrupted cable service.


TENURE -- Recently at the prestigious University of Illinois, the Department of Sex Studies asked local porn actress Annie Sprinkle to address the students about achieving orgasms.  She worked out fine but the class had to be postponed for an hour to give her time to go around greeting all the professors she knew. 


ENOUGH IS ENOUGH -- In Billings, Montana, 55-year old William Dean Grussing was sentenced to twenty years in prison after being found guilty of DUI -- his fourteenth conviction of driving while drunk.  He was convicted under the new GOP-sponsored "14 strikes and You're Out" rule.


KGB HIVE -- A planned theme park to be built in Russia has purchased the rights to Dreamwork's SHRECK characters and is designing attractions to  feature them.  Eagerly anticipated is a Mike Myers-voiced Vladimir Putin villain called Puuti-Fruuti and his faithful assistant, the Eddie Murphy voiced Don-Kiev. 

SKINNED -- In its first auto recall in a decade, BMW has requested owners of sedans, wagons, convertibles and coupes sold between 2007 and 2012 to return them for repair of a defective battery cable.  At least its mechanical.  The last recall was to replace Corinthian leather seats made from skins of calves not born in Corinth.

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Barbara Mandrell had everything Hope sought in a guest. She could sing and dance, she had impeccable comic timing and — perhaps most important of all – she was a good sport. She obviously held Hope in high regard but could, at times, seem almost motherly toward him. She had been in a tragic auto accident that had killed another occupant in her car and was a firm believer in seat belts before they became mandatory.  She would refuse to ride in a limo with Hope until he buckled up. Over the years, she played Hope's love interest in sketch-after-sketch -- as hillbilly Cindy Lou who "loves sparkin' so much, she's on her third lip retread" -- to Bonny Sue, girlfriend of "Crazy Nose" Hope, early NFL quarterback -- to a lieutenant commander aboard the USS Lexington who's caught in a torrid affair with an enlisted man -- Hope.  It's no wonder she was a Hope favorite. 

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