WEDNESDAY, February 13, 2012

THE AYES HAVE IT -- Oscar nominee Tony Kushner who wrote the script for Steven Spielberg's historical mega hit "Lincoln" has admitted that he faked the "no" vote of two Connecticut legislators to make the ballot on abolishing slavery look closer and more dramatic.  Doesn't bode well for the Oscars.  Wait until someone discovers that nobody really sang the French Revolution.   

S.S. HOLD IT -- Disabled by an engine room fire, the Carnival cruise liner Triumph had to be towed to Progresso, Mexico while 3143 passengers made do with virtually no toilets or running water.  Ever the marketing wizards, Carnival immediately scheduled a free evening of dinner, drinks, dancing and a show and titled it "Keopectate Night." 


LET US PRAY -- According to a National Council of Churches survey, attendance at religious services in the U.S. has declined over the last ten years.   Well, for most religions.  Catholic church attendance actually increased -- if you count the lawyers and the process servers.

LUCK OF THE DRAW -- Dismissing her daughter Sasha Parker's memoir entitled "Lucky Me" as "dishonest and opportunistic," Shirley MacLaine further alienated the 56-year old actress whose father is producer Steve Parker.  But Sasha's not giving up hope.  She figures maybe someone among Shirley's other lives will like her book. 


GREETER BEATER -- A Palm Beach Walmart shopper had to be restrained by police when he was spotted in the store's parking lot driving a battery-powered shopping cart erratically.  After a breath test, he was charged with DUA -- driving under the influence of advertising.

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