FRI, SAT February 15, 2013

OPEN THE DOOR -- Brits are all abuzz over bones that appear to belong to King Richard III discovered buried under a parking lot near London.  Call it a coincidence, but a check of press stories shows that in 1969 Keith Richards was found asleep in the same parking lot. 


GOING UP -- According to a survey by the National Association of Home Builders, elevators in upscale homes are becoming more and more common.  They have everything office elevators have -- an emergency button, a telephone and Muzak.  May not mean much to you but Kenny G and John Tesh are ecstatic.

HAPPY FEAT -- Sixty-seven year-old Steve Martin and his wife Ann Stringfield, 41, have welcomed their first child.   The kid is definitely Steve's -- when the doctor slapped it, the baby said its first words, "Well excuuuuuuuuse me!"


GOING AND GOING -- Hard to believe but Bruce Willis is starring in yet another "Die Hard" sequel, this one set in Moscow and Budapest.   Truly remarkable.  "Die Hard" has displayed such longevity, such resilience, such -- oops, sorry.  That's the battery.

THROW AWAY -- An article in the Journal Biology Letters reports the discovery of a Pacific Ocean sea slug that apparently is able to dispose of its penis after use.  Of course, not just anywhere.  It has one of those recycle symbols printed on it.


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In 1981, we taped a 2-hour Bob Hope Special saluting the U.S. Military at West Point.  Guest stars included Brooke Shields, Marie Osmond, Mickey Rooney, Mary Martin, Robert Urich, Glan Campbell, and George H.W. Bush.  We wanted to give the plebes the opportunity to meet a real movie general, so we invited George C. Scott who had recently captured an
Oscar nomination for his spellbinding performance as General George Patton, the Paderewski of the pearl-handled pistols. In real life, George was a certified pussycat, about as warlike as a battalion of Quakers. Despite his well-known objections to the war in Vietnam, he had become so identified with the gruff, private-slapping Patton, when he walked across the quadrangle, the cadets would salute him — in civilian clothes yet.

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