THURSDAY, February 14, 2013

DEO GRATIAS -- Catholic cardinals will soon convene at the Vatican to elect a new pope.  Ballots are hand-written, placed in a gold chalice, counted and burned.  Special nuns oversee the entire voting process to insure ecclesiastical accuracy.  Maybe you've heard if them -- the Little Sisters of the Hanging Chad?


PLEASURE 1-A -- An upcoming seminar at the University of Minnesota is entitled "Tips to Better Female Orgasms."  Topics aimed at male students include "Making Foreplay Funplay"... "Playing the G Spot Like a Symphony Orchestra"... and "Promise to Pay Off Her Student Loans."

SWITCH HITTING -- A new study on aging found that seniors who are bi-lingual are less prone to develop senility.  Those who are bi-coastal enjoy additional health benefits of travel and those who are bi-sexual -- well, you get the idea.

TAKE ME OUT -- With April just around the corner, the long-awaited baseball season approaches -- with that distinctive smell of freshly-cut grass, the crack of bat on ball.  One Yankee pitching coach was heard to exclaim "I love the smell of anabolic steroids in the morning!"


NEW LEAF -- Chevrolet has replaced its longtime ad slogan "Like a Rock" with one more appealing to buyers with a sense of adventure, "Find New Roads."  They got the idea from Toyota's slogan after the company faced a massive recall due to sudden unexplained acceleration -- "Find a New Car."

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