WEDNESDAY, February 22, 2012

Lindsay Lohan got good news and bad news last week.  Bad news is she owes $140,000 in back taxes.  Good news, she’s hosting “Saturday Night Live” and it will mark the first time the SNL cast will present an IRS sketch with a real IRS auditor.

A nude shopper who weighed 300 pounds showed up at a Pittsburgh Wal Mart and stole a pair of black socks.  Turns out he was a porn actor buying wardrobe for his role in the now-filming “Debbie Does the Dallas Cowboys.”

Coincidentally, the guy was the only 300-pounder mentioned in the news last week -- unless, of course, you count New Jersey‘s Governor Christie.

The co-host of a popular British TV archeology series left the show after a former fashion model was hired as his on-air partner.  Actually, the model demanded that the producers sack him after he refused to stop referring to her on-camera as "Airheadonus rex."

Launched last year amid much hype and hysteria, Oprah’s new cable channel OWN can’t seem to attract viewers.  Seems nobody is tuning in --  nobody. Stedman confessed to reporters that he only watches it for sex.

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