TUESDAY, February 21, 2012

Last week, pomp and circumstance ruled the day in Washington as President Barack Obama welcomed the man slated to become China's next president, Vice President Xi Jinping.  Obama took him on a guided tour during which Jinping was thrilled to meet American leaders that included Joe Biden, John Boehner and Jeremy Lin.

Two plainclothes federal agents on duty in their Los Angeles office got into a gunfight that was broken up only when another agent plugged the agent who drew first.  Internal Affairs investigators have determined that the dispute arose when one made fun of the other by reminding him that his biggest pinch was Martha Stewart.

Social scientists are at a loss to explain why, in a nation with staggering unemployment, the sale of premium-priced hard liquor like Grey Goose Vodka and Crown-Royal Bourbon has eclipsed once-popular beer sales.  One possibility -- upscale rehab centers routinely favor applicants addicted to more expensive substances.    

Three hikers were rescued after spending six days and nights in a cold, wet Oregon forest. They told police they were saved by a hermit who's been living in a cave for 30 years.  Yeah, right.  Who's D.B. Cooper?

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