THURSDAY, February 2, 2012

A four-year-old kindergartner in Connecticut brought nine baggies stuffed with pot for "show-and-tell."  His teacher wasn't the least bit surprised.  She'd been watching him since she noticed that he was coloring with psychedelic colors that she knew Crayola doesn't make.

For the first time since it opened, people working with visitors at Disneyland will be allowed to grow a beard.  The straitlaced outfit really hasn't conceded that much, however.  Married male employees dating another Disney employee in public are still barred from using the services of a beard.

Beginning with the Australian Open, ladies who scream while striking the ball will be penalized to discourage the practice.  Good news for the retired Monica Seles, though.  She's been told she won't have to return any of the royalties she collected every time a fem netster grunted during a televised match.

Shocking most Americans who read it, the results of a UK study on driving habits indicate that women are better at parking than men.  Of course, it's a British study that observed Brit drivers.  Over there, men tend to be more distracted because most of them suffer from constant toothaches.

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