FRI, SAT, SUN, February 24, 25, 26, 2012

Michelle Obama caught flack from Republicans for taking her sixteenth  vacation, spending the Presidents Day Weekend skiing with her girls in Vail.  But she did exercise one official duty by placing a wreath on the tomb of Spider Savitch.

Under the Department of Homeland Security’s new “friendly flyer” program, those who use the airlines twice a month or more may submit personal info in advance to avoid being searched.  More than three times a month, they qualify for a free pre-flight cocktail with the pilot.

Fans want Israel to postpone attacking Iran until Madonna performs there in May.  This is getting a little out-of-hand.  Last April, they tried to delay major league baseball’s opening day until she had dated all of the Yankees.

Los Angeles beach-goers were stunned when County officials banned dog-walking, alcoholic drinks, tobacco use and Frisbee or football tossing.  Exempt from the ban are objects one might find already there like medical waste, used condoms, plastic bottles, syringes, shopping carts. . .

Scientists in Denmark have developed test tube hamburgers made from bovine stem cells.  Rick Santorum immediately condemned them telling reporters that “if God had intended humans to create hamburgers he would have made Ronald McDonald a pope by now.”

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