THURSDAY, February 16, 2012

Shortly after being sworn in as North Korea's new premier, Kim Jon Un unceremoniously replaced the longtime news anchorette on the state-run television channel with a younger woman closer to his age.  Who knew Paula Abdul even spoke Korean? 

In response to complaints from passengers, Alaska Airlines has discontinued passing out prayer cards at each seat.  But they haven't phased out their religious ties completely.  At check-in, you can now request an aisle seat or a stained-glass window seat.

The FAA released stats on flight arrivals and departures at major airports and Newark, New Jersey ranks lowest in the nation in on-time departures.  Hey, give the ground crews a break.  You ever tried to get a flight out on time with 300 dead bodies stuffed in the luggage compartment?

At the Westminster Kennel Dog Show in New York City, ex-con Martha Stewart's Chow Chow won the "Best of Breed" blue ribbon.  Genghis Khan was disqualified, though, when he was caught teaching the other dogs how to escape.

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