TUESDAY, December 6, 2011

Child welfare authorities in Newark, New Jersey took a child away from a couple who had named him "Adolph Hitler."   The parents wouldn't have reported him if the kid's first words hadn't been "Tomorrow, we invade Poland!"

The US Air Force Academy has installed a Stonehenge-like area where cadets who practice witchcraft may worship.  Which is so popular, they've changed their fight song to "Coming in On a Wing... a Prayer... and an Incantation."

San Diego Charger place kicker Nick Novak is facing disciplinary action because a TV camera caught him relieving himself on the sidelines during a game.  On a more positive note, his doctor watching at home diagnosed a urinary tract infection.

The Pentagon has unveiled a super-rocket capable of hitting any target on the planet within an hour.  Unfortunately, they cost $10 billion apiece to build and China won't give us the money.     

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