MONDAY, December 5, 2011

The LA Sheriff's Department is reexamining the tragic death  of Natalie Wood.  They ruled out
murder, though.  New evidence indicates she may have jumped overboard to get away from listening to Robert Wagner explaining reverse mortgages.

A new AMA survey shows that within a year 50% of all practicing physicians will rely on electronic devices exclusively.  Mine already is.  I called him last week because I had indigestion and he said, "Sounds like a virus in your firewall.  Could be an allergy to Blackberries.  Of course, I won't know until I see the Blu-Rays."

A Delta Airlines pilot recently got stuck in the restroom when the door latch malfunctioned.  The
crew was becoming concerned that the plane wouldn't be able to fly itself, but even worse, the
stewardess had to leave his margaritas on the floor outside the door.

An elderly man in Moline, Illinois accidentally donated his suit to Goodwill with $13,000 sewn into
the seams for safe-keeping.  Luckily, police quickly spotted the recipient of the second-hand suit. 
He was pushing a shopping cart with a new set of Michelin steel-belted radials with mag rims.

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