MONDAY, December 19, 2011

GM is offering to buy back Chevy Volts after several models of the revolutionary electric automobile suddenly burst into flames.  Ever alert to turn lemons into lemonade, the automaker also offers a free kit that converts the car into a very serviceable outdoor grill.
Eager to present the best of the British experience, Olympics officials have appointed Princes William and Harry as "goodwill ambassadors."  They'll recommend the best London restaurants, theaters, tours and, for the Russian women athletes, the most popular shaving parlors.
Australian Customs authorities placed Kim Kardashian on an immigration "watch list" after she was found conducting business without proper permits.  Seems she was promoting her line of designer clothing while trying to interest Crockodile Dundee in a three-month marriage.

Much secrecy surrounded the recent visit to Colombia by Charlie Sheen, reported to be scouting locations for his next picture.  According to inside sources, the film will depict the life of a successful cocaine kingpin and is tentatively titled "Two and a Half Nostrils."

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