MONDAY, December 26, 2011

Carnival Cruise Lines is taking reservations for its April "Tides of Torture" cruise of the Caribbean that will feature all of the hit slasher movies of the past two decades.  It will be the maiden voyage of their new 3,000-passenger luxury cruise liner the SS Freddie Krueger.

When Customs officials in Mexico City noticed a "tourist" who matched a photo on an international watch list, they refused to allow Moammar Kadaffi's son to enter the country.  Just as well.  If he thinks the Lybian people sought their revenge on dad, wait until he gets a taste of Montezuma's.

Researchers in Israel have developed a molecular "car" that can be inserted into the body to diagnose illness.  Some problems while testing it, though.  A  doctor driving it through a patient's colon was texting and accidentally veered off into the patient's spleen.

Whoopie Goldberg is denying rumors that she passed wind while in the midst of interviewing a guest on "The View."  In Whoopie's defense, the National Weather Service denied that their instruments detected any more wind coming from the studio than usual.

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