THURSDAY, December 15, 2011

Alec Baldwin got into a Class A scuffle with an American Airlines hostess over his refusal to hang up his cell phone.  Fans and supporters alike were shocked.  They have one question.  He's Alec Baldwin, for Pete's sake.  Why doesn't he charter a Learjet and talk on his cell all he wants?

A female Wal Mart customer in Tulsa was caught mixing a batch of crystal meth in the store's Housewares Department.  The store's Santa wandered by, thought it was holiday eggnog, and had to be plucked off the roof by a police helicopter.

A man hunting ducks near Salt Lake City was shot by his golden retriever who stepped on his shotgun.  Officials at Winchester Arms, speaking through their attorney, continue to insist that their "Dick Cheney Model 300" has a pet-proof safety.

Dick Cheney says that the Pentagon should have destroyed that U.S. surveillance drone brought down in Iran.  He claims he would have handled the situation differently.  Maybe, but how easy would it be to convince Amadinajhad to go hunting with him?

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